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I'm Camryn, and I'm a writer; a romance writer to be specific, and I am often harassed by my cat as I work. He covets the computer chair as his favourite snoozing spot and likes to sit on the mouse. Useful.


Lesbian romance is a passion of mine to write and I'm constantly inspired by the genre. I hope my writing translates my love of romance, challenges, and hope, and provides a nice escape for my readers. Don't we all need that escape from life sometimes? I know I do!


My everyday life is full of very normal, very boring, and very hectic activities. Dishes need doing, laundry needs washing, floors need mopping, and I have a vacuum cleaner clogged with cat hair! I have an everyday menial, mind-numbing job, I live in the land Downunder, I have a great circle of friends, I have loved ones here, there and everywhere, and I'm happy with life. Every day is a new day. Seize it with both hands and a giant smile.


I fall in love regardless of gender. The heart wants what the heart wants. Every person I've met and every experience I've had on my life's journey has left behind a marker that I continue to carry with me to feed my muse. 


Love is for everyone, and with whomever you chose. Let your heart lead you to happiness.




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