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Greetings blog readers!

Thanks to some excellent feedback from reviewers of my book The Woman Upstairs, I've re-edited the story and removed a bunch of woeful errors. *hangs head in shame*

I'm an editor...or at least, I'm supposed to be, and I missed a very important step in the method to self-publish a book...namely: line editing!

Line editing is where you print out your story and with a ruler and a red pen, you read it line by line focusing only on the words and individual sentence structure. By doing this to The Woman Upstairs, I caught a lot of very embarrassing errors that my readers had every right to complain about. I mean, seriously, what imbecile gives a character two different names! *clears throat* Needless to say, that rookie mistake was rectified.

I read and re-read this story on the screen a hundred times, but like flattering lighting in a photograph, all the wrinkles were hidden away in bright little pixels. Only by printing it does the stark reality pop out at you, and every wrinkle and blemish is revealed. My lesson was hard-learned and not something I plan to skip again. I'm still working on the Aussie-to-US Slang conversion though. That's trickier, but I have a US friend helping me with that now, so hopefully any US characters will be using flashlights and not torches from now on.

I'm not perfect, but I do promise to be more meticulous with any upcoming releases. Errors will always find a crack to crawl into, but I'll do what I can to eradicate them to improve your reading experience.



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