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New novella out soon!

tCelebrity Pass TMB.png

Exciting! I'm about to release my next novella Celebrity Pass before the end of the month. While still typing away frantically on two longer novels, I'm also chipping out several short stories to keep the writer's block at bay, and to sate my busy mind. I can barely watch and advertisement on TV without being struck with another story plot or character. You should see my note book! At night, I'm often barraged by my muse, and beside my bed, I keep a piece of paper and a pen for ideas that strike me in the dark.

Unfortunately, while ideas are easy to come by, writing takes significantly longer. I promise, dear readers, that soon I will deliver a substantially-sized story for you to involve yourself in.

Until then, I'll have to feed your need to read (like the poem there?) with shorter snippets. Taming the Boss is out now, and soon, Celebrity Pass.



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