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I'm overwhelmed with how well my first novel is doing. I've hit the Amazon Top 10 in the UK, US, and Australia and am positively thrilled. I was hoping to sell a few, but a few hundred copies later, and I'm super buzzed. Thank you readers, and thank you for the comments I've so far received.

One particular comment I got about my book was the drift of British English into what is an American story with a native New Yorker as the central character. That reader made a valid comment about inconsistencies, and I thank them for that. This is one area I'm going to work on. As an Australian, my exposure to American language is via reading and good old-fashioned TV/Movies. I work hard to write my characters naturally, but I do slip up. Damn, I'm not perfect. Such a letdown. Self-esteem shot to pieces.

I kid. I'll survive, and I'll do better.

I'm an independent writer-editor and I want to make my characters perfect (or perfectly flawed in their own native language), and for this, I need to keep a keen eye on my work. Yes, I will slip from time to time, and I apologise profusely. I'm doing my best. To the commenter that made this observation, it is because of you that my writing will improve. Thank you. Xx.




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