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Hot on the tail of my novel The Woman Upstairs, comes an exciting announcement. Well, I think it's can be the judge. My next novel, Tricky Wisdom, has a release date!

Coming to ebook stores near you on September 1st is the first instalment of my romantic medical comedy-drama revolving around the life of a Minnesotan girl, Darcy Wright, as she tackles both Harvard Medical School and her neurotic roommate, Olivia Boyd.

This story flew out of my fingertips and came to life on the screen. I wrote the first 16,000 words in one day (6-7 hours actually), and loved every minute of it. I'm hoping that translates to you readers. Time will tell.

Watch this space for updates, sneak peaks, and the cover release. Once it's available for pre-order, I'll let you know.

Thank you for being such wonderful readers. Thanks to you, The Woman Upstairs made it to the #1 best-sellers spot in the US, UK, Australia, Canada and the Netherlands. It did wonderfully everywhere else, too. It's made all those very long hours widening my backside in the chair, existing solely on caffeine hits, and neglecting my cat (and his litter tray...gross) worth every second. Thank you so much.




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